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This menu contains the options for inserting and manipulating tables in your topics. Most of these options will only be active when the cursor is actually in a table or when you have selected all or part of the table.

Table styles:

Note that you must select Properties to select a style for the current table. To define table styles go to Write > Styles > Edit Styles.

Table tab options:


Selection options for selecting all or part of the current table.


Opens the Table Properties dialog to edit the properties of an existing table. You must select this if you want to set or change the style for the current table.

New Table:

Opens the dialog for defining and inserting a new table at the current cursor position. Same options as in the Write tab.


Delete rows or columns.

Rows and Columns:

Insert additional rows and columns.

Move and Sort:

Move selected rows and sort the entire table.


Options for merging, splitting and unmerging table cells and rows.

Lock Column:

Locks or unlocks the width of the selected column or columns. When column width is locked the column will not become wider or narrower when the user resizes the viewer window on the screen. Tables with a percentage width must have at least one unlocked column.


Sets the alignment of text within cells.

Text Direction:

Switch between vertical and horizontal text.

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