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Program Options - PDF Export

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This tab can be used to set a different "reference printer driver" for generating PDF output. The PDF engine must have a printer driver to generate PDF files – if you don't have any printer installed on your computer the screen driver will be used to generate PDFs.

PDF output anomalies are often caused by bugs in proprietary drivers from printer manufacturers. If you experience problems try installing a standard driver for a common printer from the Windows CD and selecting it here. This doesn't have to be a driver for a printer that is physically connected to your computer.

Problems with the reference driver used for generating PDF output can also result in incorrect displays for special characters and international languages. However, if you experience problems like this first check the language settings of your project to make sure that everything is set up correctly. If you still have problems in  your PDF output after making sure that your language settings are correct you can try using a different reference printer driver.

If you are not using WMF or EMF graphics it is generally best to use the screen device to generate PDFs. A proper printer driver is needed to mange EMF and WMF graphics, however otherwise these graphics may be clipped in your PDF output.


Use screen as reference device:

Uses the computer's screen driver as the reference device for PDF output. Help+Manual defaults to this setting if you have no printer installed. This option is generally preferable unless your projects contain EMF or WMF graphics. If you use EMF or WMF graphics you should choose a printer driver, otherwise the graphics may not display or may be clipped.

Use default reference device:

Uses the default printer driver for PDF output. Leave this setting selected if your PDF output is OK.

Use this printer driver as a reference device:

Use this to select an alternative printer driver to use for PDF output. Click on the BTN_Browse browse button to select the printer.

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