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Program Options - Subversion

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These settings enable or disable active support for Subversion (SVN) version control and access to the SVN client installed on your computer.


Enable Subversion support:

If you need to turn off active Subversion support for any reason you can do that here. You may want to do this if you want to handle all the checkouts and commits manually in your Subversion client instead of having Help+Manual manage them automatically.

The SVN status of topics in SVN-managed projects will no longer be shown in the TOC with overlay icons if you turn this off. Also, files added to your project folder will no longer be automatically added to the SVN repository.

Automatically detect SVN client:

This should usually be ON, particularly if you are using Tortoise SVN as your SVN client (which we recommend very very strongly). Only turn it off if you need to configure a non-standard SVN client manually.

Path to the Subversion client libraries:

Location of the SVN client libraries if automatic SVN detection is turned off.