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Program Options - Version Control

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These settings enable and configure support for version control systems.


Custom scripting

See Scripts and Customization for details on customizing the scripting interface with your version control system.

Subversion, Git:

Enable or disable support for Subversion and Git.

Path to VCS EXE:

Reference to the program that has to be called to perform synchronization with your version control system. With SVN this will be the Tortoise client's svn.exe in the \bin\ sub-folder of the Tortoise program directory. With Git it is git.exe in the \bin\ sub-folder of the Git program directory.

Command file:

The command scripting file called by Help+Manual to perform the synchronization operations.  The standard files are stored in the \Tools\ sub-folder in the Help+Manual program directory.

Don't edit those files directly. If you want to customize syncing operation, please create your own separate file and use the alternate Custom Command File option.

Custom Version Control:

This provides the option to interface with a different version control system.

The sub-folder in your project folder that contains your version control system's syncing data.

Command file:
This file contains all the commands for interfacing with your VCS, including the paths and references to any programs it uses. A standard command file you can use as a template is provided in the \Tools\ sub-folder in the Help+Manual program directory.