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Inserts an anchor in your topic. An anchor is a "jump target" within a topic that enables you to define hyperlinks that jump to specific positions in topics.

The Insert Anchor dialog:


Dialog options:

Anchor ID:

An alphanumeric ID that is used as the address of the anchor. Use a descriptive ID that is easy to identify. These IDs are displayed in the Topic Options tab on the left of the main editor window and in the Insert Hyperlink dialog.

You cannot use spaces or special characters. A warning will be displayed if you try to use illegal characters.

Help Context:

You can assign help context numbers to anchors so that you can make context-sensitive calls to specific positions inside topics. If you have activated the automatic generation of context numbers for anchors a number will be displayed here automatically.


You can also assign index keywords to anchors (normal K-keywords only, A-keywords are not supported here). If you do this, selecting the keyword in the index will jump to the anchor instead of the top of the topic. In this case the keyword should only be defined in the anchor, not also in the topic's Topic Options.

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