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The caption tool in Write > Insert Object inserts an independent caption object that can be referenced in a table of figures or tables and used as a target for topic links, in the same way as a link to an anchor. These captions can be used just as static independent captions for images, tables or anything else, or integrated with the figure and table counters functions.

Topic links to caption objects

Provided you include an ID, you can link to caption objects in topic links in the same way as to regular anchors. The ID can be selected from the drop-down list of anchors next to the Target: field in the Link tool.

The caption object dialog



You can create a figure, table or custom caption. These are generally used in tables of figures and tables, for which a reference variable and an ID are generated automatically. However, you can also delete the variable and just use the object as a static caption.


Generated automatically, but you can also edit it. It should be unique in the current topic. The ID is required when you are using figure and table counters, and for using the caption object as an anchor target.

Label and Text:

Title and content of the caption. You need to include the counter variable in the label if you are integrating with the figure and table counters feature.

Add to Table of Figures

Required for the figure and table counters features.