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This function is designed for advanced users with a good knowledge of HTML. It is used to insert your own inline HTML code to be included in HTML Help and WebHelp output. Code you insert with this function is ignored in all other output formats.

The code you enter here is inserted directly in the output page at the point in the text where you insert it. Your code will not be checked or parsed in any way by Help+Manual – you are entirely responsible for making sure that it works yourself. If you include references to files you must also make sure that they are accessible.

The Insert HTML Code dialog:


You don't need to insert any normal page tags like <HEAD> or <BODY> and so on. these tags already exist in the output pages.

Dialog options:

Just type the code you want to insert in the editing window. You can increase the window size by dragging the lower right corner.

Load from File:

Saves the contents of the editing window to a text file so that you can reuse it.

Save to File:

Loads the contents of a text file to the current cursor position in the editing window.

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