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This option is used to insert videos hosted by online video services in your topics for the output formats that support them. See Videos and Animated Media for details. In addition to online videos, Help+Manual also supports Prezi, an online tool that creates cool presentations with rotation and zoom effects. Each online video service has its own dialog. The options in each dialog are identical, however. The example below uses the Vimeo dialog.

Insert Video / Video tab:



The URL of the online video or animated presentation. You can use either the URL from the Address: field of your browser or the shortened "Share" URL provided by the video service you are using. Help+Manual will automatically convert it so that it works properly.

Drag & Drop:

You can drag URLs from the browser into the YouTube, Vimeo and Prezi dialogs.


The caption is displayed below the placeholder image for the video just like the caption of an image. The Title is the ALT tag text of the preview image that is also displayed as mouseover tip.

Aspect ratio:

If you select the aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9 or 16:10) you only need to enter the width of the video. The height is then calculated automatically. Alternatively you can select Custom Aspect Ratio and enter both values manually.


The dimensions of the video. If you select the aspect ratio the height is grayed out and is calculated automatically from the width.


This is the same as the alignment and padding values for inserting images. It inserts space around the video in the topic page.

Play Inline/
Use Lightbox:

If you select Lightbox the video will be played in an overlay on the page when the user clicks on the placeholder image. Inline plays the video in the page in the position where the placeholder image is displayed, in the same way as embedded videos on most web pages.

Preview zoom:

Zoom size of the preview image. This is also the display size of the video when you select Zoom proportional to page width (inline option only).

Zoom proportional to page width:

Makes the video and the preview image responsive. Its percentage width will then be relative to the current page width and will adjust automatically when the user changes the browser or viewer window size.

This is only available if you select Play Inline. When you choose Lightbox mode the lightbox overlay containing the video always scales to the page automatically.

Show controls:

Displays the video player's controls if possible.

Add play button:

Adds an overlay Play button to the placeholder image so that it is more obvious to the user that they can play the video by clicking on it.

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