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Inserts a QR code in your topic. QR codes can be scanned by smartphone cameras with little QR apps. If the code contains a valid web link the smartphone's browser will automatically open the referenced page when the code is scanned. QR codes can also contain text.


Code Data:

The data you want to encode in the QR code. This will normally be a web link that you want users to be able to visit when they scan the code with their smartphone. Web links must be complete, including the http:// prefix!

In addition to web links QR codes can also contain plain text, which will also be scanned.

Dot size:

The size of the dots to be used to make up the QR code matrix, in pixels. Larger dots can be scanned more easily and reliably but will create larger QR codes. At least 4 pixels per dot are recommended.


A margin around the QR code graphic, in pixels.


The color of the code. Only use black unless you have a very special reason for using a different color.


Position of the QR code in relation to the text in your topic. This is the same as the Alignment option for graphics. It works in all output formats and is shown in the editor.