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This function allows you to insert special characters not available directly via the keyboard. A number of common special characters are available directly from the menu:


Advanced functions of the Special Characters dialog

This dialog also allows you to access and store a wide range of special characters from special symbol fonts and use them reliably in all output formats by configuring Help+Manual to convert them to scalable vector graphics on output. Please also see the Special characters, lines and breaks topic for full details on the capabilities of this dialog.

The Insert Special Character dialog:

Clicking on More Symbols... at the bottom of the menu displays the following dialog:


Just select the font you want to use, then select the character and click on Insert to insert it in the editor at the current cursor position.

You can increase the size of the character map for easier viewing by dragging the bottom right corner of the dialog window.

Select font:

Choose the font you want to use. Note that in specialized symbol fonts like FontAwesome and Fontello the characters included in the font are usually right down at the bottom of the list, after all the normal standard characters. See the Special characters, lines and breaks topic for full details on using these fonts with maximum compatibility in your output.


Select the standard range of characters you want to access in the font. These selections will work for standard fonts but may not for specialized symbol fonts.

Character Code:

The standard hexadecimal code for the selected character.

Add to Custom:

Copy the selected character to the Custom Symbols tab (see below).


Inserts the selected character in the topic editor.

The Custom Symbols tab

You can store selected symbols from the Character Map in this tab for quick access with the Add to Custom button (see above). This works for both single symbols and sequences of symbols. See the Special characters, lines and breaks topic for instructions.


Symbol Text:

The symbol or symbols in the entry. A new entry is created automatically when you use the Add to Custom button in the Character Map tab. You can also create entries with the New button.


Displays and changes the font of the current entry. Changing the font may display unexpected or garbage characters as not all fonts will have the same symbol characters in the same locations.

Size and color:

Font size and color. ;-)


Creates a new entry. This allows you to create entries with multiple characters, which you can then copy from other entries.


Organize the entries in the list


Delete the selected entry


Insert the current entry in the topic editor

See also:

Special characters, lines and breaks