Expanding section toggles

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Expanding section toggles

Expanding sections display text and other content – as much as you like – when the user clicks on the header. There are no restrictions on the content of expanding sections. You can insert anything that you can use in normal topics, including other expanding sections and snippets.


prod_tip       Productivity Tip

Avoid using additional tables inside your expanding section toggles if you also plan to publish to PDF or printed manuals.  If you do, page breaks may not work correctly inside the rows containing additional tables.

Click to expand/collapseHow to create a new expanding section
Click to expand/collapseUsing an existing table for the expanding section
Click to expand/collapseFormatting the expanding section headers
Click to expand/collapseAdjusting the indents for expanding sections
Click to expand/collapseUsing your own icons in the headers
Click to expand/collapseSuppressing icons or using different icons in PDF, eBooks, DOCX and printed manuals
Click to expand/collapseReplacing the standard icons with your own

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