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Tutorial location and name:

Location:My Documents\My HelpAndManual Projects\Examples\Modular Help Systems
(on some Windows systems My Documents is called Documents)
Quick access:Welcome section at the top of the Project Explorer
Names:Master.hmxz, Module_A.hmxz, Module_B.hmxz

Subjects covered:

This tutorial project is an example of a simple modular help system. It guides you through all the steps of creating and using modular help systems for a variety of different output formats. When you have completed the tutorial you will be able to:

Create and manage modular projects for all types of output formats.

Add project files to your TOC as modules.

Create genuine modular help systems for the HTML Help format. This allows you to create different versions of your help without re-publishing, just by adding or removing help files from your distribution.

Create dynamic conditional hyperlinks between modules using A-Links.

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