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In addition to the other resources listed in this chapter the \Templates folder in the Help+Manual program directory also contains a number of other useful templates and configuration files:

Location of the files:

The files are stored in the \Templates folder in the Help+Manual program directory.

Help+Manual skin files (*.hmskin)

\Templates\HTML skins

These are special template files that store the formatting, layout and design of an entire project for HTML-based output formats. When you publish a project you can then select a skin file in the Publish dialog to apply the design of a different project to your output.

Some sample skins are provided in \Templates\skins but if you have the Professional or Floating license version of Help+Manual you can save any project as a skin with Save As in the File menu. You can then edit the skin file by opening it with Help+Manual, just like a normal project.

If you purchase the weblink Help+Manual Premium Pack the skins from this package are also installed in this directory.

Print manual templates (*.mnl):


These standard template files can be used as a basis for creating and editing your own print manual templates for PDF files and printed manuals.

Please copy these templates to your project folder before editing them! (In Windows Vista you will probably not be able to save your own versions of the templates otherwise.)

Word DOCX templates (*.docx):


A selection of template files for Word DOCX output for different formats and requirements.

Standalone viewer for eWriter Help:


This is the standalone version of the viewer that can also be embedded in eWriter Help help files.

Full-text search language files for WebHelp in multiple languages (*.zlang):


These files allow you to set the interface texts for the full-text search function in WebHelp to a number of different languages. The language files can be selected for your project in Configuration > Publishing Options> WebHelp > Full-text Search.

XML schema and stylesheet files (*.xsd and *.xsl):


These are the source files for the XML Schema definition and XSL stylesheets, if generated.

Do not make any changes to these files!


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