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New Features and Changes in Help+Manual 8

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This new version of Help+Manual includes a wide range of major improvements and new features. Some that users have been asking for, some that will surprise and, we very much hope, delight you. The user interface is more modern and attractive and works even better than before on modern, high-resolution Windows displays. The eWriter format now has its own stand-alone viewer, making it a fully-fledged alternative to obsolete CHM files for local software help. You get a LaTeX-based formula editor, a machine translation plugin, PDF peer review features that synchronize the PDF with your project, an advanced new screen capture module and much more besides.

Help+Manual upgraders should read this chapter!

If you're upgrading from an earlier version of Help+Manual you should definitely take the time to read this chapter. It will give you direct access to all the new features and changes that are going to make working with HM even more efficient than it was already.

We hope that you enjoy the new version at least as much as we do. We work with Help+Manual ourselves every day – we originally produced it for our own use, and that hasn't changed.

If you're new to Help+Manual

If you're a completely new user, get started with the Quick Start Tutorials chapter. That will teach you the basic principles of working with the program and introduce you to the most important tools. After that you can start referring to the Basic Working Procedures chapter to help you with your daily work.