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DeepL Machine Translation

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API Glossaries

The new API Glossaries in the DeepL machine translation tool radically improves the ability to define your own translations for specific words and phrases. The earlier word list option was local on your computer and couldn't integrate with DeepL's translation on its servers. This meant that your translations weren't included in DeepL's advanced context analysis, often resulting in less meaningful translations.

In contrast, API Glossaries are fully integrated with DeepL, so that the words you define for your translations are included in the contextual analysis, with significantly better results.

Automatic selection of the correct Base API URL

You now no longer have to select the Base API URL for your DeepL subscription. This is now done automatically on the basis of your free or paid DeepL Auth-Key.

Turkish language support added

The DeepL plugin now also supports Turkish in both directions, in addition to all the other languages.

Bulk DeepL translation for entire topics and projects with Help+Manual Translation Assistant

The new Help+Manual Translation Assistant is a new product, but definitely worth mentioning here. It gives you a WYSIWYG three-pane comparison view of original, update and translation that makes it much easier for translators to work on Help+Manual projects. It is fully integrated with DeepL, allowing you to perform bulk translations of entire projects in minutes. This can radically reduce your costs by doing all the hard work of the raw translation. The human translator then just needs to do basic proofreading and correction.

Once you have done the translation, HMTA can then generate a zip package of all the files that you want the translator or proofreader to work on. They then return the edited package to you, which HMTA imports seamlessly into your existing project.