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You will probably find that these changes and improvements make your technical writing work a lot easier.

Improved New Topic dialog

A new TOC Link option in the New Topic dialog enables you to easily insert TOC entries linking to Web pages or existing topics in the current project.

This makes it very easy to create additional TOC references to topics. In earlier versions you could only do this by manually entering an existing topic ID for a "new" topic or by dragging an existing TOC entry with SHIFT+CTRL.

See here for instructions.


Copy and paste rows and columns in tables

You can now copy and paste the contents of multiple cells across rows and columns in tables. Just select the cells you want to copy and transfer them to the clipboard. Then click in the cell where you want the paste to begin and paste.

Word count

You can now get a very granular count of words, paragraphs and characters in your project. Not only for individual topics or the whole project, but also for project selections based on your build options.

The new Word Count tool in the Write > Font counts the words in the current topic. To get a word count of the entire project or project selections open the Project Report tool in the Project tab and select Full Project Report.

Smart date and time variables

When you use date and time variables they are now automatically translated into the language of your help project. The translation depends on Windows support. We use a Windows function to retrieve the strings for the target language and if that language is supported by your Windows installation, Help+Manual will insert the translation provided.

For example, if your project language is English, the variable <%MONTHNAME%> will insert "January".  If the language is German (Germany) it will insert "Januar" and if it is German (Austria) it will insert "J√§nner".

See Date and time variables for details.

Smart table formatting on style change

When you change the style name of a table, the dialog checks if the table has individually formatted cells and asks you whether you want to reset the individual cell formatting to match the selected style.

Insert Image dialog: multiple images and HTML classes

You can now insert multiple images with the Insert Image dialog. You can also attach your own HTML classes to individual images, in addition to an image ID.