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EWriter 2.0 with Store App Viewer

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Enhanced eWriter 2.0 help format to replace CHM and local WebHelp

The CHM format has become pretty obsolete for modern Windows applications and it also looks painfully dated. WebHelp is great for online help but modern browsers disable too much functionality when it is opened locally without a web server. With full context help support in a fully-skinnable interface and a universal viewer the new eWriter 2.0 format now solves these problems completely.

Stand-alone eWriter Viewer that auto-installs when users open eWriter help and eBooks

We now provide an eWriter Viewer program that Windows 10 users get automatically from the Windows Store when they open an .ewriter help file or eBook. Free installers are available for the same viewer for earlier versions of Windows.

WebHelp-based documentation in the Windows Store eWriter Viewer

WebHelp-based documentation in the
Windows Store eWriter Viewer

Key benefits

Data-only files with a separate viewer: You no longer need to create integrated EXE eWriter books and help files, although you still can.

Free eWriter Viewer on the Windows Store. Windows 10 users who don't have the viewer are automatically prompted to get it when they open an .ewriter help file or eBook.

Free 32-bit and 64-bit eWriter Viewer installers for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Full context-sensitive help support.

Full layout design with Help+Manual skins

EWriter compared to CHM and WebHelp for software help

Help+Manual's eWriter format is a fully viable replacement for the obsolete CHM format for software help. Particularly on Windows 10, where users automatically get the eViewer eWriter viewer app from the Microsoft Store as soon as they open an .ewriter file. And developers just need to include the compact Win32 eViewer application for compatibility with all versions of Windows from XP on up.

EWriter, which is really local WebHelp in a single file, can also be a good alternative to WebHelp for developers who need to install their documentation together with their applications. WebHelp can be preferable when it can be installed on your Internet web server. Then you can update your documentation at any time without having to redistribute.