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Replace CHM with eWriter eBooks!

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In Help+Manual 7 the old Windows EXE eBooks have been replaced by a completely new format we call eWriter eBooks. This is a powerful and very flexible format that has the potential to be a full replacement for CHM files as documentation for Windows applications – in addition to being an outstanding eBook format for Windows devices.

See these topics for full details on this exciting new format:

Detailed description of the eWriter format

Configuring for eWriter publishing

New: eWriter allows distribution of eWriter books as document-only files

Originally, every eWriter book had to be distributed as an executable EXE file containing both the viewer and the book data. As of Help+Manual 7.1 you can now split this up into a single viewer EXE file and separate document-only book files. This reduces the size of the book files and makes them easier to distribute, because you no longer have the security restrictions applied to executable files.

See Separate or Integrated Viewer for full details and instructions.

eWriter combines the benefits of CHM and WebHelp and eliminates the disadvantages:

Like CHM files, they come in a compact, single-file format. There is no need for an entire folder of files as with WebHelp.

Like WebHelp they give you the ability to "skin" the entire user interface, and not just the topic page area, using any WebHelp skin. No more archaic Windows CHM viewer that looks like a relic from the Windows 95 era.

Unlike CHM files, eWriter can be fully optimized for high-resolution screens.

Like CHM files they have full support for context-sensitive help from applications. The context calls are simple and much easier to program than for CHM.

Like WebHelp, you can open them directly from network drives on local networks.

Like CHM files, repeated calls to the same help open in the same help window – not like WebHelp, where every call opens in a new browser window.

eWriter enables security functions not possible in either CHM or WebHelp:

You can password-protect your eBooks

You can digitally sign your eBooks to authenticate them

You can create EBooks with an expiry date

You can protect your book source code against viewing