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Support for MS Team Foundation Server version control

Help+Manual now also includes active support for Microsoft Team Foundation Server version control, in addition to the existing support for the open-source SubVersion and the older Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. The current version supports Team Foundation Server 2012, 2013 and 2015.

If you are choosing a version control system for Help+Manual we still strongly recommend choosing SubVersion as the best and most flexible option. However, if you are already working in a TFS environment you can now use it to actively manage your Help+Manual projects.

See the Team Foundation Server chapter for full details.

Multiple TOCs

Help+Manual has always supported conditional output to generate different versions of your documentation from the same project. It was also possible to use the conditional output tags to generate output with completely different versions of your TOC. This wasn't very easy to implement, however.

Multiple TOCs make this a breeze: You just create a new TOC and drag in and rearrange the topics and chapters you want to include in it. You can also add unique topics and chapters as well, if that's what you need.

When you publish, you then choose which TOC you want to use. Each TOC can also have its own individual default topic.

See Multiple TOCs for full details on using this great new feature. Also see the Multiple TOCs tutorial project that you can access directly in the Welcome page at the top of the Project Explorer on the left.

Topic History: local version control

If you are not using a full version control system like SubVersion or Team Foundation Server, Help+Manual can now still give you access to all previous versions of your individual topics. And the ability to roll back the content of any topic to an earlier version at any time.

Just click on the topic functions menu button in the top left corner of the editor and select Show History. You will then also be able to compare the differences between current and earlier versions.


See the Topic History chapter for full details on the new topic history function.

Word DOCX Export

We have replaced the old Word/RTF export with native export to the current Word/DOCX. When exporting to Word, Help+Manual writes a DOCX file that embeds images and is completely formatted with the styles you used in H+M. You no longer have to deal with external images, and you get all the current formatting capabilities of the current versions of MS Word.

In addition to this, you now also have fully configurable templates for Word export, similar to those available for PDF. These templates are normal DOCX files that you can edit and configure directly in MS Word.

See these chapters for details and instructions:

DOCX Publishing - Publishing Instructions

DOCX Publishing - Configuring

.NET source code documentation with Microsoft Sandcastle

Help+Manual now includes and installs a full bundled version of Microsoft Sandcastle for generating source code documentation directly from your Visual Studio .NET software development projects. See Importing Sandcastle projects and Source Code Documentation for details.

AuthorIT Import

Users coming from the AuthorIT documentation system can now convert and import their projects directly into Help+Manual. See Importing Data and Settings for importing data for details.

ePUB 3.0 Support

Help+Manual 6 could already produce universal ePUB eBooks. In Help+Manual 7, this has been upgraded to the current ePUB 3.0 standard. The output is also backward-compatible with older ePUB readers, because it automatically includes the necessary fallbacks for features that those readers can't handle.

See these chapters for details and instructions:

ePUB - Publishing Instructions

ePUB - Configuring

ePUB + Kindle Properties Reference

Amazon Kindle/Mobi support

The only thing missing from Help+Manual's support for eBooks was the Amazon Kindle, which is still the most popular eBook reader by a wide margin. This was the elephant in the room, and we've now saddled it up and got it to play nicely with all the other formats in the Help+Manual stable.

With Amazon Kindle, ePUB and PDF, Help+Manual now supports all relevant current eBook formats, and this is complemented with the new Windows eWriter eBook format, which broadens the horizons for electronic publishing still further.

See these chapters for details and instructions:

Kindle/Mobi - Publishing Instructions

Kindle/Mobi - Configuring

ePUB + Kindle Properties Reference

Global Help Windows for Microsoft HTML Help / CHM

CHM help windows have a new setting for defining global help window. You need a global help window if your help system consists of multiple CHM files that are merged at runtime. This makes it possible to display both the master and child CHMs in the same help window, even when they are opened with different calls from your application.

See these chapters for details and instructions:

Global help windows - reference

Global help windows - info

Global help windows - instructions