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Miscellaneous Improvements

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These changes didn't fit in any specific category, but that doesn't mean they are any less important or valuable!

New version of WebHelp search indexer

The integrated Zoom WebHelp full-text search indexer from Wrensoft has been updated to the current version 7.

Featured images and topic description in Topic Options

The Topic Options tab has two new data fields: Description and Featured Image. These features can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including creating attractive title pages in both PDF and HTML-based output.

Description is a short description of the topic, which can be retrieved in HTML export with the variable <\%TOPIC_DESCRIPTION%>. If there is no text in the description field the variable returns the first 177 characters of the topic text, which is the maximum description length read by Google and other web search engines when used in the description meta tag in HTML templates.

Featured image is an optional graphic associated with the topic. It can be used for a variety of purposes, in particular for title images for chapters in PDF templates (see the Manual Designer help for detailed instructions). In HTML-based output its file name can be obtained with the <%TOPIC_PICTURE%> variable.

Links to anchors in the current topic

When you create normal or hotspot hyperlinks to an anchor in the current topic the HREF attribute of the link no longer includes the topic ID/topic file name. Instead, the link now references the anchor only, not the topic file. This makes it easier to copy such links and use them in templates and snippets.

For example, a snippet containing a link to an anchor within the same snippet can now be used in other topics and the link to the anchor will still work.

This new rule does not change any old links or hotspot to prevent causing problems in old projects. It is only used for new links and hotspots, or when you edit an existing link or hotspot.

IMPORTANT: Not compatible with Help+Manual 6!
This feature is not compatible with Help+Manual 6! A project saved with HM7 with local links of this type will not compile properly in HM6.

Global topic prefixes in style repositories

The option for defining a global topic prefix (automatically added to the IDs of new topics) is now also available in style repositories. This means that you can define a prefix in a style repository that will automatically be used in all projects linked to that repository.