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Mixed portrait/landscape layouts in PDF and printed manuals

The page break tool now includes the ability switch between portrait and landscape orientation in the middle of a PDF document or printed manual. Since this is set with page breaks it is possible to include just portions of your text in landscape mode, for example a very wide table.


Support for right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew

Help+Manual can now publish right-to-left language projects to PDF. The only restriction is that the text must be exported as glyphs in these languages. This means that text is not searchable or selectable.

Print options for HelpXplain media

Animated infographics created with HelpXplain cannot be animated in print formats like PDF and Word, of course. You now have two options for handling animated Xplains in print output:

Print first slide with hyperlink
This prints the first slide of the presentation as a static graphic with a hyperlink to the animated version on your website.

Print all slides in a grid
This prints all the slides in the presentation as static images in a grid so that the reader can view them.

See Inserting videos and online media for details.

Export wide range of symbol fonts as SVG glyphs

Symbol fonts with scalable icons often cause problems in PDF output. Help+Manual can now convert these fonts to scalable SVG graphics with the same quality as font characters. The setting for this is in Publishing Options > PDF > Font Embedding. See Font Embedding for details.


Links to topics with numbered TOC entries

Hyperlinks to topics with numbered TOC entries now automatically include the chapter/topic number if the text of the hyperlink is identical to the TOC caption of the topic it links to.

PDF Manual Designer: Keep with Next in the Table of Contents

The Table of Contents section in Manual Designer now has a Keep with Next option for every level to prevent orphaned entries that don't look so good. This works on topic entries on different levels. For example, if you set it for Level 1 it will keep that entry together with the next Level 2 entry. Two consecutive Level 1 entries won't be kept together, however. This only applies to the Table of Contents. Content on topic pages already have their own widow/orphan controls.


PDF Manual Designer Zoom option and all caps formatting

The Print Manual Designer for PDF templates now has a new zoom function for easier editing and an ALL CAPS text formatting option.