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In a major new feature, Help+Manual 9 now supports embedding of PDF files, including native embedding in PDF output, both in your project and in your PDF templates. In the past, this was only possible by editing the PDF with external tools after it was generated by Help+Manual.

See PDF Snippets for instructions. This feature is also supported in the Print Manual Designer tool for editing PDF templates.

PDFs are embedded natively

When Help+Manual exports a PDF, the embedded PDF pages are inserted natively. This means that they include all their fonts, their page layout and their portrait or landscape page orientation.

Insert PDFs in your PDF templates

Print Manual Designer now allows you to insert external PDFs in any location in the template. You can insert individual pages or the entire PDF. The page numbering of the output PDF is adjusted automatically, and the function supports PDFs with both portrait and landscape pages, or a combination.

Insert PDFs in your project

You can insert both individual pages from PDF files and entire PDFs as snippets with the new PDF Snippets function. In PDF output the pages are inserted as native PDFs, here too with automatic adjustment of page numbers. In other output formats the PDF pages are converted into images.

Supported PDF types

You can insert any PDF file, not just one created by Help+Manual.