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Symbol Fonts as SVG

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Symbol fonts are very practical for inserting special characters and symbols, but they often cause problems in PDF and HTML. Embedding symbol fonts in PDF sometimes doesn't work well, and embedded fonts in HTML pages are often blocked by browser security settings.


See the instructions in the Special Characters topic for details.

The solution: Convert symbol fonts to SVG

Help+Manual 8 can be configured to convert symbol fonts like the open-source Font Awesome and other, user-configurable fonts to high-quality SVG vector images on export. These images are fully scalable and broadly supported, so they will display correctly in all output formats. The color and size match the text, background colors are possible.

Create your own collections of special characters

You can add individual and groups of symbol characters to the new Custom Symbols list in the Insert Symbol tool for quick access.


This works with Font Awesome, Fontello and other symbol fonts

This allows you to use dedicated symbol fonts like the popular Font Awesome and Fontello systems. You just download the desktop versions of their fonts, install them in Windows just like any other font, and insert the special characters with the Symbol tool. You then configure your project to export the symbols to scalable SVG vector images when you publish. High quality, always sharp, no problems.

See the instructions in the Special Characters topic for details.