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The Help+Manual 7 user interface has been updated and improved in many ways. Among other things, the editor tabs are more accessible, you get a real zoom function and high-resolution 4K displays are now fully supported.

Additional optional tab in the Ribbon

You can now activate a new Insert tab in the Ribbon toolbar where you can  put functions to reduce the number of functions in individual toolbar sections. For example, you can put the Insert and Insert Object groups that are normally in the Write toolbar there. See Program Options - Ribbon for details.

Genuine zoom function for the editor, separate scaling for the user interface

We have implemented a real zoom function in the topic editor. Adjust it with the Zoom button in the status bar on the right below the editor window. Zoom works for all content, including tables, graphics and other objects in the editor, not just text.


High-resolution 4K display support

If you are using a high-resolution monitor or a modern laptop with a super hi-resolution display, Help+Manual displays its entire interface crisp and sharp and automatically defaults the editor zoom to the global Windows setting to match text sizes of the system.

You can also fine-tune the user interface scaling in the View tab to suit your own preferences.

Topic editor tabs and options menu on the left

The tabs for the Editor, Topic Options and XML source code viewer are now more accessible on the left. This also provides more vertical editing space.

Also note the options menu button above the tabs on the left.


Templates and Skins tool in the Ribbon

The Manual Designer tool in the Project tab has been replaced by the much more flexible Templates & Skins tool. In addition to opening the Manual Designer for PDF templates it now also provides access to editing skins for HTML-based output and Word templates for the new DOCX output.


Help Windows location for HTML Help / CHM

Since Help Windows are now only supported in the MS HTML Help / CHM format the Help Windows settings section has been moved to Configuration > Publishing Options > Microsoft HTML Help.