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Basic version supports HMXP for Help+Manual Translation Assistant

The Basic version of Help+Manual can now save uncompressed HMXP projects and activate Tidy XML for more efficient translation. This makes it compatible with our Help+Manual Translation Assistant program.

New Project dialog

It is now possible to create a new style repository directly with the New Project dialog. In the past, you had to first create a regular project and then save it as a style repository.


File Preview in Open Dialogs and mouseover hints

Most Open dialogs now show a full preview of the file being selected. This is particularly useful for things like the new PDF Snippets function, because it shows you the pages of the file so that you can choose which ones you want to insert.


In addition to this, you now also get a preview of the target topic in mouseover hints for topic links, and entries in the table of contents. This preview is displayed after a brief delay so that it does not interfere with normal operation.


Author Comments

When you save comments the timestamp now includes the time as well as the date..

Syntax Highlighter

The performance of the Syntax Highlighter has been improved.