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Control over imported chapter structure

Word import has a new function for managing Word documents with excessively complex chapter structures. You can now specify the maximum levels that should be converted to chapters and sub-topics in your Help+Manual project. For example, if you specify you only want the first 3 levels as chapters, all sub-topics below level 3 will be included in body of the corresponding topic.

These lower-level topics will not be included in the TOC and their headings will be rendered as sub-headings in the body of the topic, along with their text.


Import keywords from Word files

When you import Word files to Help+Manual keywords in the Word file are now automatically imported and added to the project's keyword index.

Print options for HelpXplain media

Animated infographics created with HelpXplain cannot be animated in print formats like PDF and Word, of course. You now have two options for handling animated Xplains in print output:

Print first slide with hyperlink
This prints the first slide of the presentation as a static graphic with a hyperlink to the animated version on your website.

Print all slides in a grid
This prints all the slides in the presentation as static images in a grid so that the reader can view them.

See Animated HelpXplain presentations for details.