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Follow this basic procedure to configure a Word DOCX template for your project:

1.Copy the template file you want to use to your project folder, with a new name if you want. You can find the source templates in the /Templates/Word folder in the Help+Manual program directory.

2.Open the copy in Word and edit it as described below.

3.Save it and select it when you publish your project as Word DOCX.

A DOCX template is a normal DOCX file that you can edit directly in Word, just like any other Word file. However, it has some special components and variables that you must use to enable you to create DOCX output from your Help+Manual projects.

These templates contain one required section that is essential for creating a DOCX file from your project and a some additional optional sections. You can also add your own pages.

Orientation change in PDF and printed manuals only

Note that changing the page orientation with the page breaks tool is currently only available for PDF and printed manual output. If you want to change the page orientation in Word output you must do this in Word after publishing the Word file from Help+Manual.