The Topics Section (required)

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The Topics Section (required)

This section required and it is the key to your DOCX template. It defines the layout of your topic pages, the formatting of the topic headings, using Word styles defined in the template, and contains the "placeholder" variable that inserts the content from your project's topics when the DOCX file is generated with the template.

If you open one of the DOCX templates included with Help+Manual in Word you will find the Topics section page directly after the Table of Contents / Contents page. It will look something like this:

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Example of the Topics section

This section begins with up to nine heading paragraphs, formatted successively with Word's standard Heading 1 ... Heading 9 styles (Word allows a maximum of 9 heading levels). This is followed by a single special paragraph with a variable that inserts the content of your Help+Manual project topics in the template when you publish.

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