Layout and templates

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Layout and templates

The options in this section define the layout of your WebHelp. You can use a standard two-pane layout that directly emulates the HTML Help viewer, a three-pane layout that allows you to integrate your own website's header page in the top frame or a "no frames, no scripts" option for manual integration.

Layout settings location:

Configuration > Publishing Options > WebHelp > Layout

Edit in the skin if you are using a skin

Everything in these templates must be edited in the .hmskin skin file if you are publishing with a skin. When you use a skin, the HTML templates and settings in the skin replace those in your project. Usually, when you are using a skin, you don't need to edit anything because it has all already been set up by the designer.

If you want to create your own skin you can turn your project into a skin with Save As... in the File menu. Then you can edit it as a skin and use the layout you create with other projects as well.

Click to expand/collapseUsing a skin instead of configuration your layout yourself
Click to expand/collapseChoosing your layout mode
Click to expand/collapseContent of the header box in Integrated mode
Click to expand/collapseContent of the head frame in Classic 3-frame mode
Click to expand/collapseTable of Contents, Index and Search templates

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