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Replacing Formatting and Styles

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The Styles > Replace Styles function in the Write tab is a global search and replace function for replacing either font attributes or paragraph attributes. This can be quite a useful aid when you are importing formatted text from some external sources.

Converting imported HTML formatting to styles globally with Premium Pack Toolbox

Help+Manual automatically imports and integrates the styles from Word RTF files, but formatted text from HTML must be imported as "manual formatting". This is necessary because HTML formatting cannot be automatically converted cleanly into "text" and "paragraph" styles. Normally, if you want to use styles on imported formatted text you must first create Help+Manual styles on the basis of the imported formatting and then apply the styles to your text either manually or with Replace Styles.

Provided style classes were used in the original HTML you can globally strip out inline formatting imported from HTML and convert it to style references with the powerful Toolbox utility included in the Premium Pack style pack. If you have or are considering buying the Premium Pack, see Integrating imported formatting globally for details on this.

Otherwise see the instructions in this chapter, starting with Introduction to style replacement.


tipbulbReplacing formatting and styles

Replacing font attributes:
Styled Text | Unstyled text

Replacing paragraph attributes:
Styled Text | Unstyled Text

Styling imported formatted text

Integrating imported formatting globally



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