Styling imported formatted text

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Styling imported formatted text

When you import Word RTF files the styles used in the file are retained and automatically added to your project styles, which you can access and edit in Write > Edit Styles.

The situation is different when you import formatted text from other sources like CHM or HTML files. Then the formatting is retained but the text does not have any styles. Effectively, it is all manually formatted. You can use the Replace Styles function to integrate this formatting into the stylesheet of your project, either by applying existing styles or by creating new styles and applying them.

This topic illustrates this by walking you through the steps of a typical example. For details on how to perform the individual operations see the topics in this chapter on replacing font and paragraph styles and formatting.

Tip: Converting imported HTML formatting with Premium Pack Toolbox

Provided style classes were used in the original HTML you can globally strip out inline formatting imported from HTML and convert it to style references with the powerful Toolbox utility included in the Premium Pack style pack. See Integrating imported formatting with Toolbox for details.

Example: Applying the Normal style to imported body text

Let's assume that you want to apply the Normal style to all your imported unstyled body text. At the same time you also want to apply named styles to inline-formatted text within your body text, some of which has different font settings to that of the body text (for example menu names and other items formatted with different fonts etc).

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Click to expand/collapseStep 4: Apply the Normal paragraph attributes to your body text


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