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Inserting graphics and screenshots

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You can insert graphics in your projects from files stored on your hard disk or with cut & paste. Drag & drop from the desktop or Windows Explorer is not supported.

Note that although cut & paste may be more convenient you may get slightly better image quality when you insert graphics directly from files. This applies particularly to pasting from MS Word, which generally resizes the image very slightly (just a couple of percent) when you copy it via the Windows clipboard.

Graphics as link targets

You can link directly to graphics in topic links in the same way as anchors. You just need to assign an ID to the graphic, then it will be shown as a target in the anchor list in the link tool.

prod_tip       Productivity Tip

When inserting a graphic in a paragraph with text always type a space as the first character after the graphic, this will prevent the image caption style from being applied to the text you type.

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