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Using graphics as hyperlinks

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In addition to standard text links you can also use graphics as hyperlinks in your help project, for all the different supported link types. You can use this feature to turn entire illustrations into clickable links, or to use your own graphical buttons as links.

In addition to this you can also add "hotspots" to your graphics, which are clickable regions that can have all the properties that any other link in a Help+Manual can have. See Graphics with hotspots, macros and scripts for details.

How to use a graphic as a link

Note that you cannot turn an existing graphic in your text into a link, you have to edit a link and select a graphic instead of a caption.

1.Create a new hyperlink or double-click on an existing link to edit it.

2.Select the Picture option in the Style: section of the Hyperlink dialog. The title of the entry field at the top changes to Picture:, where you can then specify the graphics file you want to use.


3.Click on the BTN_Browse browse button next to the entry field to select your graphic file.

4.Click on OK to close the dialog.

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