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By default the target ID list in the Hyperlink dialog displays the IDs of the current project, but you can also link to topics in other projects and in other help files.

Where links to topics in other projects and help files work

If and how links targeting topics in other projects work depend on your output format. Generally they are only relevant in HTML Help CHM files. When you distribute your help the link files must be present in the same directory as the help file containing the link.

CHM files:

Links to other CHM files are supported. You can link via the HM project creating the other CHM file or directly to the other CHM file. If you link via the project the project name and target CHM name must be exactly the same, and the CHM files must all be in the same folder.


You can link to topics in other WebHelp documentation but not via HM projects. You must use Internet links and enter the correct URL for linking to the other WebHelp at runtime.

PDF files:

You can link to other PDF files with some limitations, but not via the HM project. See this topic for details.

eWriter Help:

You can use the file link and context help capabilities of eWriter Help to link between help files. See this topic for details.

Word DOCX:

You can open other Word files with file links but you cannot link to specific topics or locations in another Word file.

Kindle/Mobi and ePUB eBooks:

No links between eBooks are supported.

Visual Studio Help:

No links between different Visual Studio Help collections are supported.

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