Support in output formats

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Support in output formats

Support for local video files varies according to the output format you are using. This support is dependent on the output formats themselves, not on the capabilities of Help+Manual.

The bottom line is that if you want to be relatively sure that your movie will play on the user's computer then use Flash or online video services for CHM files, MP4 or online video services for WebHelp and M4V for videos in iBooks®/ePUB eBooks (only plays in Apple iBooks®). All other video formats will cause problems on at least some users' systems, even if they seem to be working for you.

You can also use Flash SWF files for WebHelp but support for this format is going away. It is no longer supported on mobile devices in any meaningful way and support from desktop platforms is also dwindling. Apple Mac computers are now shipped with no Flash support for the standard Apple Safari browser, for example, and Mac users have been advised not to install it because of its negative impact on battery life on laptops.

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