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The Print Manual feature in Help+Manual generates the printout by creating a temporary PDF file and printing it. This means that preparing a printed manual is essentially the same process as preparing for generating a PDF file. You use the same configuration options and the same print manual templates for defining the layout of your printout.

Before you print  a user manual you will probably want to modify one of the standard print manual templates supplied with Help+Manual for your own needs. These standard templates provide a basic framework for your user manuals and PDF documents but they contain a number of elements which you will want to change, like the content of the cover page and introduction and so on.


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A maximum of 6 TOC levels are supported in printed manuals. If you have more levels than this (which is not recommended) they will all be displayed on the same level of the published TOC. Levels below level 6 will not have headings in the body of your text.

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