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Editing, copying and pasting in tables

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You can edit text in your table cells just as you would on a normal page. There are just a few things you need to be aware of:

Each cell is like a separate document
Text doesn't flow or continue from one cell to another.

Numbered lists cannot span table cells
Since each cell is a separate document you can only have numbered lists within a cell. Numbering cannot "continue" from one cell to the next, neither horizontally nor vertically.

Cells can have their own height and width settings
These settings are applied with the "selected cells" tab in the table options dialog. If the width or height of the text in your output looks different or "off" check the width and height settings of the cell containing it.

Copying and pasting single and multiple cells

You can copy and paste content of both single and multiple cells from one position in a table to another and from one table to another.

If you copy multiple cells the contents of the target cells will be replaced with the copied content. It will overwrite exactly the same number of cells as those copied.