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Tools for finding help bugs

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Help+Manual includes a number of tools and features that help you to find "help bugs" in your project:

Project reports

The Report Tool gives you a comprehensive overview of the current state of your project, allowing you to check topics, links, graphics and other elements.

Testing links and missing graphics

You can test links directly in the Help+Manual editor. Dead and invalid links are highlighted automatically in the editor. Missing graphics are immediately visible, highlighted as a big red X.

Searching for topics and referrers

There are a number of different ways to search for topics and referrers by text, topic IDs and help context numbers. Referrers are other topics that refer to the current topic, and checking them can sometimes be useful.

Checking keywords

The Index Tool is very useful for checking and managing the keywords in your project. Among other things, it enables you to immediately see and eliminate duplicate keywords with variant spellings and formats.