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Searching for topics and referrers

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When you are testing your project you will often want to find topics and check links to and from your topics. Help+Manual includes several tools that make this a quick and easy process. In addition to the search functions described here you can also use the Report Tool to generate detailed reports on your project with full lists of topics, links, graphics and other details.

The functions for finding and replacing text in Help+Manual are very similar to the comparable functions in word processors, with some additional options for the special requirements of help projects.

In addition to this the program also has powerful functions for locating individual topics by their topic IDs and their context numbers, and for locating "referrers", i.e. topics containing links to the current topic or topics.  


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The Search function is also available in the XML Source editor tab (Professional and Floating license versions only) and all HTML editor windows for HTML templates and other editing windows. Just right-click in these editor windows to access.

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