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Text variables in PDF print manual templates

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You can use all predefined global variables and your user-defined variables in text objects in your PDF templates.

In addition to this there are large number of special predefined variables for use in PDF templates only. These are described in the help of the Print Manual Designer program used to edit the PDF templates that control the formatting of your PDF output and printed manuals.

To start this program look in the Project > Tools tab and then select the Manual Designer option under the Templates & Skins heading. If you have already used a print manual template with the current project you will be able to open it directly in Manual Designer from this menu.

How to use text variables in PDF print manual templates

Just type the variable into the text of the text object. Always type the variables exactly as listed, complete with the opening <% tag and the closing %> tag – for example <%TITLE%> or <%VERSION%>.

For more details see the help included with the Print Manual Designer program.

HTML variables will work without modification in PDF documents but they will only insert the plain-text portion of the variable value – if there is no plain-text portion nothing will be inserted.

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