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Welcome to Help+Manual

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Turbocharge your technical writing and have fun doing it!

Help+Manual 9 is a single-source documentation authoring suite for individual technical writers and teams. It is now the most mature and comprehensive solution of its kind available. The focus is twofold:


Make documentation development as efficient and enjoyable as possible for the author (you and your team)

Enable you to produce the best possible documentation in all relevant formats, customized to your specific needs

About this documentation

This help is designed both as a course in using Help+Manual and as an ongoing reference while you are working with the program. You can skim it for easy reference, work through it systematically for in-depth knowledge and refer to it for additional information whenever you need.

Getting started – new users

Study the Introduction and Quick Start Tutorials sections to familiarize yourself with the basics of the program.

Check out all the links in the Help tab plenty of help is available!

Visit the weblink User Forum to get help from us and other experienced Help+Manual users.