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Command Line Compiler

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You can use the xplaincmd.exe command line compiler to generate the complete HTML, CSS, JS and image files package needed for the animatedHelpXplain infographic by calling it from your application or integrating it in your build scripts. This compiler is a pure console application and delivers standard exit codes to the console or the channel you specify when you call it.

Getting the compiler location

The location of the compiler program can be read from the APP key in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ECSOFTWARE\HelpXplain. This REG_SZ key contains the path and file name of the HELPXPLAIN.EXE executable, and the compiler is stored in the same directory. Normally, the contents of this key will be:

C:\Program Files (x86)\EC Software\HelpXplain\HELPXPLAIN.EXE

Using the command line compiler

You can also display the following usage details by running the xplaincmd.exe program in command prompt without any arguments.

Basic usage:

xplaincmd.exe "<sourcefile.xplain>" "<outputfile.html>" <parameters>...

xplaincmd.exe "newproject.xplain" "C:\gfoutput\intro\intro.html" /DefaultDisplayTime=4.5 /DefaultAnimationTime=2.8

Optional parameters:


Display player controls


Repeat in endless loop


Enable keyboard shortcut controls


Enable tap/mouse controls


Use browser history


Export with shadows (requires significantly more graphics power to play smoothly)


Default animation duration in seconds


Default display duration in seconds


JPEG quality as an integer value from 0..100. This is only applied to JPEG images, which are:

The main background image

JPEG images inserted by the author

Preview images, which are JPEG to save space