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Object Links, Actions & Data

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Any element in your animated Xplain can also perform an action when the user clicks or taps on it, and have other actions associated with. You assign links to objects with the Interaction tool. You can use this to allow the user to control the animation, to open web pages and to perform other actions.

Any element in a slide can have link and mouse actions

Any element in a slide can have link and mouse actions

Chaining multiple HelpXplain animations

You can use the web page link option to chain multiple Xplains. This can help you to avoid creating excessively large single-page infographics that would overload web browsers on some users' systems. Just create a web link to the next Xplain in your last slide, or in any slide where you want to move to a different infographic.

Object scripts for advanced users and developers

In addition to regular click actions you can also assign your own scripts to be executed when the user interacts with an element. See Object Scripts for details in the Developers chapter.