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Embedding Xplains in Web Pages

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You can easily integrate your Xplains in your own web pages. The output generated by HelpXplain includes everything you need. The procedure is similar to inserting a YouTube video, and just as easy. There are two embedding methods:

Standard method: With this method you just copy and paste the embed code provided in the preview page after publishing. That's all there is to it.
Loader script method: This method uses an additional loader script that allows you to control how and when the Xplain components are loaded in your web page and a number of other options.

Multiple Xplains in a single folder

It is fine to publish multiple Xplains to a single folder. The only requirement is that you set a different HTML output file name in the Publish screen when you publish. The script files are all shared and the images are stored in a subfolder with a unique name based on the name of the main HTML file. Then you can deploy all the Xplains on your website and their scripts in a single folder.