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The New dialog page provides three sets of options for creating new HelpXplain project:


Purpose and location:

This dialog contains interactive wizards to create different types of HelpXplain projects or single screenshots and images.

Location: File > New


New HelpXplain projects:

Blank Infographic
Create an empty HelpXplain project that you fill with content yourself.

Create and edit a screenshot (use HelpXplain as a simple screenshot capture and editing utility). The screenshot will be inserted in a single slide.

Create a series of screenshots to create an animated HowTo screencast.

Image Slider
Create a slideshow slider with a series of images that you can embed in an HTML page.

New project from a HelpXplain template:

Create a new project on the basis of an existing HelpXplain template

New project from a PowerPoint template:

Load a Microsoft PowerPoint® template and use it as the basis for a HelpXplain project.