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The Properties page in the File menu is where you define the author, description and some other basic settings for your Xplain project.


Purpose and location:

This dialog defines the meta information of the current HelpXplain project.

Location: File > Properties

Meta Information tab

This provides users with information about you and your Xplain infographic, both when they are viewing it in a browser and when it is linked to in social media like Facebook or Twitter. It should always be configured for Xplains that are going to be made public.


Exported title


Exported publisher, i.e. you or your company or the author of the Xplain.


A short description of this Xplain. When you share it on social media sites, this text will describe the link.

Redirect URL:

The URL of the Xplain, used primarily for sharing. Remember to include the http://, https:// or // prefix!

Twitter name

Used in Twitter meta tags when a link to the Xplain is shared on Twitter

Custom Meta Tags tab

This allows you to add your own HTML meta tags to be inserted in the <head> section of the Xplain HTML page. You must add the full tag, just as you would when entering it in a manually-edited HTML page. For example you can use this for refined OpenGraph meta tags, your Facebook app ID or custom tags for other social media sites.

Custom Scripts tab

For developers only. This is where you can add your own scripts used to modify, enhance or add to the Xplains. See Global Scripts in the Developers chapter for details.