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Player Skins - Customize

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The Player Skins you can select for HTML slideshows in the Publish menu can be configured easily. Just click on Customize button next to the skin selection bar to open the configuration dialog.


Purpose and location:

This dialog is accessible in the Publish screen. It allows you to customize the selected player skin.

Location: File > Publish: Customize

Putting player controls outside the slide area

By default, the player controls are overlaid on the slide for a more compact display. If you want to have them outside the slide area disable the PLAYER_CONTROLS_OVERLAY option in the skin configuration (see directly below).

Skin configuration

The skin is configured with a list of settings, titled as "variables", which can be set in different ways depending on the type.


You can configure the following types of options:

Check boxes:

These turn a feature on or off. For example, the player controls included in the display window can be activated or deactivated.


Colors of the individual elements in the skin layout, based on the colors in your HelpXplain theme. Just click on the color shown to pick a different color.


These are sliders that control the opacity (transparency) of the chosen color or of a specific element in the skin.


These are numerical dimensions for various skin components. Just type in the values you want to use.


Editable interface texts in the skin.

Custom Skins

If you are a developer you can also make your own custom skins. See Custom Skins in the Developers chapter for details.