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When editing in HelpXplain you need to distinguish between editing slides and editing the contents of slides.

Editing slides vs. editing slide contents

The slides are the containers for each step of an animated Xplain. To edit them you select the Slides Overview item at the top of the Slides list on the left. Then you can resize, move and rotate the individual slides on the canvas, along with all their contents. See Editing Animated Xplains for more details on this.


To edit the contents of a slide you select the individual slide in the Slides list on the left. Then the slide fills the editing window and you can select all the elements it contains to manipulate and edit them.


Editing in exact increments and snapping to borders

Hold down SHIFT while moving, resizing or rotating to use exact increments and to snap positions to other elements. This is particularly useful for getting elements straight and aligned with each other.