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Dynamic eWriter eBooks

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After online HTML this is HelpXplain's most useful and exciting output format. It creates a single-file eBook with the extension .ewriter that can be displayed on any Windows device. These eBooks contain your entire HTML slideshow, supporting all the animations, audio and other functions of Xplains in HTML pages. They are compact, neutral data files that can be downloaded and sent as email attachments without any restrictions.


An image slider playing in the eWriter Viewer with full  HelpXplain features, including audio and animations

An image slider playing in the eWriter Viewer with full
HelpXplain features, including audio and animations

Easy, trouble-free distribution

The eWriter book files are compact, compressed and neutral data files. They can be downloaded and sent as email attachments without restrictions and will not be blocked by AV or email filters, even ones that can look inside archive files.

Universally available eWriter Viewer apps

What makes eWriter such a useful format is the fact that it can already be viewed on all Windows devices today. Users on Windows 10 and 8 get instant results: If they don't have the app it is loaded automatically from the Windows Store and installed as soon as they open an .ewriter file. Users on Windows XP, Vista and 7 can download the free eWriter Viewer installer from the eWriter website.

Free Windows Store Viewer app:

This app is available free from Windows Store and allows you to distribute eWriter books directly to anyone with Windows 8 and 10 without additional action on your part. When users who don't have the app installed try to open an .ewriter book Windows 8 and 10 automatically prompt them to get the app in the Windows Store:


Standard Viewer app for Windows 7 and XP and software developers:

This is the standard Windows version of the same viewer app, which works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and all later versions of Windows as well. The eViewer installer for end users is always available on the eWriter website: