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Background Audio and Narration

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HelpXplain supports both a background audio track for your entire presentation and additional audio tracks in individual slides. Audio for the entire presentation will normally be used for background music. Audio in individual slides can be used for voice-over narration and for sound effects.

Audio demo

Fun with audio

Browsers don't permit auto-playing audio

Current browsers have strict rules on audio in web pages to prevent it from annoying users. Basically, auto-playing audio is not allowed – that is why links to YouTube videos that open in browsers now generally start the video with the audio muted. This has some important consequences for Xplains with audio:

Audio cannot start playing automatically. It must be started by the user.

Xplains that contain audio cannot be allowed to start automatically. If they could, they would not be allowed to play any audio.

However, if a user starts the Xplain by selecting Play, that is sufficient. Then all the audio can also start normally, because there was a user interaction.

Because of these restrictions, the automatic start option in Xplains with audio is disabled. Audio can play normally so long as the user must click or tap to start the presentation, so this is the only option. It is OK for the entire Xplain to play through automatically so long as the user starts it. It just can't start automatically without user interaction.

Similarly, if you are using HelpXplain in Help+Manual, you should always add a Play button to the Xplains you insert in your topics or have the Xplain play in a lightbox. If the user has to click to open the Xplain in the lightbox, then that user action also starts the audio and that is allowed.