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Import a PowerPoint Presentation

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You can directly import Microsoft PowerPointâ„¢ presentations and templates, which you can then use as a basis for your infographics in HelpXplain. This allows you to use the huge range of available PowerPoint templates as a basis for new and complex HelpXplain infographcis. In addition to this, it also makes it possible for you to use PowerPoint presentations in HTML-based documentation after editing them in HelpXplain.

PowerPoint import is static

It's important to understand that PowerPoint import is designed only to provide a basic layout to work with in HelpXplain. You get all the slides, backgrounds, objects and texts, but not the animations and transitions and some other features. See the reference topic on this for full details.

How to import a PowerPoint presentation

Importing a PowerPoint presentation always creates a new HelpXplain project.

1.Start HelpXplain and select Open in the File menu and then Open PowerPoint.
Alternatively, select New in the the File menu and use the option for opening a PowerPoint template.

2.Select your PowerPoint presentation. or template.

HelpXplain imports the PowerPoint file and opens it for editing as a new projectx. You can then edit it in the same way as you would any other HelpXplain project. Note that you won't get the animations and transitions from PowerPoint. Those need to be added using HelpXplain's own tools.

The result is a normal HelpXplain project. Consult the other chapters in this documentation for details on how to edit the project and its contents.