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Publishing Your Xplains

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You can publish your Xplain project to any of the supported output formats at any time, either for testing or to produce the final product.


prod_tip       Productivity Tip

If you want to save a single slide as a static image, right-click on the slide in the Slides list and select Export.

Basic Procedure

1.Save your project, then select Publish in the File menu.


2.Click on the Format: bar at the top and select the format you want to create.

3.Configure the options displayed, then click on Publish to create the selected output.

Publishing Options

See the Publishing dialog reference for details on the output all the settings available for the individual output formats.

Advanced loader script embedding method:

In addition to the standard embedding method described here you can also use a more finely configurable option that accesses a special additional loader script. This method also allows you to control how and when the Xplains are loaded in you page.

See Embedding Xplains in Web Pages for full instructions.