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All operations are performed on the currently selected element, elements or group.

Zooming the canvas

CTRL + -/+ keys

Moving selected elements or groups

You must click on an element or group first to select it before performing these operations.

Arrow keys

Move by one pixel in direction of arrow

CTRL + arrow key

Move by a fixed increment of pixels in the direction of the arrow.

Resizing elements or groups

SHIFT + arrow key

Resizes the width or height of the select element in the direction of the arrow . If the element is a picture both the height and width change together to prevent distortion. Otherwise the element is resized in one direction only.

Mouse equivalent:
Drag handles on the sides of the element.
Hold down CTRL key while dragging the corners of the element.

CTRL + SHIFT + arrow key

Resizes the entire element, maintaining its aspect ratio.

Mouse equivalent:
Drag handles on the corners of the element.

Rotating elements or groups

CTRL + ALT + arrow key

Rotates the selected element in preset increments.

Mouse equivalent:

Drag the projecting rotation handle below the element when selected. Hold down SHIFT when rotating with the mouse to rotate in preset increments.

Editing mode for elements

F2 key

Activates editing for the selected element. For example, F2 on an image will activate the cropping rectangle. F2 on a callout or text object will edit the text. F2 on a shape will activate a text element on the shape and enable editing.

Mouse equivalent:

Double-click for text elements (shapes and callouts and text objects), corner tool for picture elements.